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Ooops is a warming food-tech bag which has made from Nano-articles that’s an eco-friendly product .for the emergency which there is no access to electricity or fossil energies for warming

Ooops bags are placed in the field of travel and emergency heating devices with chemical reactions. Climbers use alcohol or gas lamps to heat food, which can lead to problems such as environmental pollution, overweight, the possibility of fire, and failure to operate in bad weather.when the contents of the water pouch are poured over the heater pad, the Food Heater releases enough heat to warm-up a pre-cooked meal one hundred degrees Celcius in one minute and keeps the meal warm for almost thirty minutes.” Ooops ” is designed to withstand rough conditions and exposure to the elements. Inside each ” Ooops ” bag is a nano Heating Pad. the advantages of this technology over existing heaters are lightness, portability, small volume, and ease of use.

What Makes Us Different?

Ooops technology doesn’t use any radioactive or biodegradables material, for this reason, doesn’t have any environment-damage

You can heat MREs, Cans, and every meal you want in Ooops, but meal should be covered with a water bag to separate meal from water

Ooops water waste is completely adaptable to the environment and human nature, also in an emergency is useable

How it’s work?

how we work 1

Put the Pad into the ooops

how we work 2

Add some water

how we work 3

Put your meal in the ooops and wait for thirty minutes