About us

The QIPI Cloud Service is based in TEHRAN, and it connects with Iran thinkers to help fill the gap between blockchain and industry. The QIPI team is familiar with agile methodology and sees itself as a startup. QIPI is developing and integrating innovative solutions to problems of asset management using blockchain technology.


The development of crowdfunding in web 3 with a touch of digital transformation is our vision.


The beginning of a new era with a futuristic utopia.
Our mission is too...
Blockchain is integrated with distributed ledger technology and directly related to industry and economic challenges. We take this technology to the next level by addressing these challenges.


We're a team of energetic, empathetic, and changemakers! Our organization is at the forefront of a movement to redefine the future of Web 3 and inspire every young person to succeed.


We communicate with the community through our social networks
Do not trust fake news.

contact us

Contact us

Head Office: TEHRAN/IRAN
European Office: Coming soon

If you request technical assistance and cooperation —call@Qipi.io
Or do you want to send your resume? hr@Qipi.io
In case you are unfamiliar with the subject of your request, send us an email at info@Qipi.io We will follow up with you.